Other Industries

Social Discovery Corp began its specialized analytics and social media background reporting services across the insurance and SIU industries. We gradually expanded our services to HR managers, legal consultants, third-party administrators, and other professions that require social media background reporting as part of their operations.

How We Can Support Your Business

We continue to expand our specialized services across various industries supporting all clients, regardless of company size, with fast, accurate, and relevant reports every time. Our latest industry partners include:

  • Human Resources — We provide insightful applicant data to help HR managers streamline background screening processes and optimize employment security checks, matching suitable job candidates that drive company ROI.
  • Legal Services — Our detailed social media analytics provide clients with valuable information which can be submitted in court, supporting various legal cases such as divorce (i.e., photos/messages of infidelity) and custody battles (i.e., evidence of violence from one party).
  • Third-party Administrators — Our scalable social media reporting and analytics services support TPAs across various roles and responsibilities. These include claims investigations within commercial liability insurance, forensic accounting services, and investment operations.

Navigating Data Challenges with Accurate Intelligence

The experts at Social Discovery Corp understand the difficulties of manually sieving through social analytics from multiple user accounts and platforms. Many clients spend hours in front of a computer screen only to discover a high percentage of false positives that compromise their operations.

We support the most complex social media background report through accurate intelligence, leveraging precise machine learning algorithms with expert human analytics. The speed of artificial intelligence reduces the time invested in uncovering relevant intel while our experienced analysts interpret the facts to focus on relevant details for your case.

Social media will remain a valuable source of insight in our modern digital age. By partnering with an organized expert like Social Discovery Corp, you will access cost-effective social media research delivered in the most suitable format for actionable outcomes.

Reach out to the dedicated SDC team to find the most suitable social media background reports according to your case requirements.


Systematic Social Media Case Management System

SDC provides a social media case management system that helps you categorize and optimize social analytics management according to your specific needs. Our intuitive platform provides advanced capabilities that enable you to navigate through multiple case files with the convenience of a browser-based interface, eliminating the need for software downloads and complex onboarding.

Some of the platform features include:

A Centralized Management of System Users — The system enables designated administrators to create and manage end-user enrollment.

Fast Bulk Order Capabilities — Users can conveniently export data from case management systems to support larger caseloads. Alternatively, administrators may export data as CSV files for seamless upload into a Social Discovery report queue.

Dashboard and Reporting — Administrators may track system usage by department or user and export analytics as CSV files.

Fully-Documented API Integration —The platform enables users to place orders directly from business applications; two-way data channels allow information to flow seamlessly from one system to another, simplifying the ordering and storage of social media reports.

Customizable ReScan and Update Functions — Our case management platform provides a fully customizable relook option allowing administrators to sort by the case or business line.



Social Discovery Corp saves insurers and claims adjusters valuable time by handling the social media research and analysis work across diverse processes that include underwriting, fraud detection, and claims verification. We present social analytics in an easily consumable format, giving insurers comprehensive and accessible information delivered in varying scales that drive ROI.

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Private Investigators

Social Discovery Corp understands the costly, tedious, and time-consuming work of compiling accurate social media background reports. Our experts will save you hours of manual research by scanning through hundreds of online sources, including web, social, images, and video content. By leveraging our accurate and comprehensive intelligence analytics, you can navigate your social network research with thoroughness and improved confidence and invest your valuable time in other aspects of client management.

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Risk Management

Social Discovery Corp has a trusted team of experts known for leveraging its unique Accurate Intelligence approach in social media background reporting and analytics. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to data in the complex world of social media. As such, our analysts combine the latest advances in machine learning with industry expertise to help you acquire accurate social media data that optimizes risk management, safeguarding your company against the loss of income and professional reputation.

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