Risk Management

Social Discovery Corp optimizes risk management processes through Accurate Intelligence in social media background reporting and analytics. Our experts combine the latest advances in machine learning with industry expertise to collate the most insightful findings according to your specific use cases. By doing so, we can identify the risks at varying touchpoints of your organization across the most complex scenarios.

Strong Industry Experience

The Social Discovery Corp team prioritizes the importance of providing risk management professionals with fast, accurate, and reliable social media analytics to drive the best decisions for your clients and organizations. Our dedicated analysts have years of experience in researching across the most complex cases and through diverse lines of business. We offer comprehensive reports of relevant online information delivered in the most accessible format and cost-effective pricing.

Custom Data Analytics

At Social Discovery Corp, we provide you with insightful data through Accurate Intelligence that leverages machine learning with human intelligence. Accurate Intelligence exceeds the limitations of artificial intelligence solutions by considering your priorities and context in each analytical assessment. We provide a finished product that will help you make informed decisions without sifting through the raw data.

A detailed social media background report provides in-depth data that supports organizational risk assessments across insurance, safety and security policies, business continuity plans, and recovery strategies. You will have accurate information to recommend and implement the most effective solutions that improve organizational performance.

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Integrated Social Media Case Management System

Social Discovery Corp offers a customizable social media case management system that empowers risk managers and administrators through streamlined case handling. The user-friendly platform functions directly from a browser-based interface that eliminates the need for software downloads and patch updates. Our integrated process helps you reduce time, cost, and steps in navigating a database of information.

Some of the platform features include:

A Centralized Management of System Users – Administrative functions enable designated administrators to create and manage end-user enrollment.

Fast Bulk Order Capabilities – Users can quickly export data from case management systems to support larger caseloads. Alternatively, administrators may export data as CSV files for seamless upload into a Social Discovery Corp report queue.

Dashboard and Reporting – Administrators may track system usage by department or user, and export analytics as CSV files.

Fully-Documented API Integration – The platform enables users to place orders directly from business applications; two-way data channels allow information to flow seamlessly from one system to another, simplifying the ordering and storage of social media reports.

Customizable ReScan and Update Functions – Our case management platform provides a fully customizable relook option administrators may use to sort by case or business line.



Social Discovery Corp provides the insurance industry with quality social media background data that drives improved ROI across diverse processes that include underwriting, fraud detection, and claims verification. With insightful social analytics, insurers can acquire a comprehensive tally of relevant online information delivered in varying scales and formats to drive the most effective decisions.

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Private Investigators

Social Discovery Corp provides streamlined social media background reporting that extracts the relevant data you need through our process of Accurate Intelligence. As a private investigator, social media analytics serve as an insightful source of evidence for handling various cases. By leveraging our reporting services, you can navigate your social network research with improved outcomes.

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Other Industries

Social Discovery Corp began offering specialized services in analytics and social media background reporting across the insurance and SIU industries. We gradually expanded our services to HR managers, legal consultants, third-party administrators, and many other professions, constantly developing custom solutions suited to each client’s unique objectives.

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