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Speed up claims resolution with actionable intel

Expedite claims processing and catch early indicators of fraud with accurate and actionable social media intel.



Social Discovery provides comprehensive, accurate and actionable social media reports with curated data to help you mitigate fraud and speed up claims resolution process. We work with leading insurance carriers across the country and offer customized reports that fit the needs of your case.


Eliminate liability

Social Discovery bears the responsibility for all data included in our reports. You don’t have to worry about your social media reports not standing up in court. We adhere to the best practices and ethical methods of gathering online data.


Reduce costs

Doing social media research in-house is a time-consuming and costly endeavor. It can take hours, and in many cases, days to carefully sift through all of the claimant’s online activities and capture data correctly. Social Discovery’s experts are trained in doing social media research and will do the work for you at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house or using another vendor.



Our social media experts are specially trained in following digital trails and connecting the dots of vast amounts of online data that your person of interest leaves online. We do a comprehensive search, gather all relevant information and deliver it to you as an easy-to-read report. You don’t have to do any extra work.

Learn why 7 of the top 10 insurance companies in the U.S. choose Social Discovery!

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Auto Accident Claim
Auto Accident Claim

Staged Car Accident

An auto accident occurs and multiple parties from the incident file a claim and a staged accident is suspected.

Auto Accident Claim
Auto Accident Claim

Car “Docking”

An individual registers and insures their car in one location, but they are believed to be living in another location.

Disability Claims
Disability Claims

Fake disability claim

The claimant who is receiving disability funds is suspected of actively engaging in sports and simultaneously working a side job.