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Private Investigators

Make your investigations more focused with accurate social media intelligence

Use social media data to uncover fraud and gather courtroom-ready evidence for your case.



Get defensible, courtroom-ready social media reports in just a few days and at a fraction of the cost of doing it manually. Social Discovery works with private investigators across the country to help them research, capture and collate data across the internet and all major social media platforms.


Leave it to the experts

Our social media experts are specially trained in following digital trails and connecting the dots of vast amounts of online data that your person of interest leaves online. We do a comprehensive search, gather all relevant information and deliver it to you as an easy-to-read report. You don’t have to do any extra work.


Easy-to-use customer portal

Our customer portal is built with the user in mind. All you have to do is log in, provide a few key identifiers about your subject of interest, such as name, date of birth and location, and request your report. A finished report will be delivered directly inside the portal. If you have questions or need support, our Customer Success team is ready to help.

Learn why hundreds of private investigation firms across the country choose Social Discovery!

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Divorce & Infidelity Investigations
Divorce & Infidelity Investigations

Spouse suspects infidelity

A private investigator is working on a case where one of the partners is suspected of engaging in an extramarital affair.