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Social Discovery Corp (SDC) offers best-in-class social media reporting that combines advanced technology with human intel, exceeding the limitations of artificial intelligence. Our clients receive a finished product with scalable pricing based on their business needs. We deliver comprehensive social media analytics that expedite critical processes, such as claims mitigation, legal investigations, underwriting, HR background checks and fraud prevention to customers across various industries, including Fortune 1000 companies.


Social Media Reports Built for Your Business

We provide comprehensive social media reports customized to the specific requirements of your investigation. You can take advantage of our white label option enabling you to customize the reports with your branding and logo for an additional revenue stream and consistent client experience.

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Human Intel Combined With Smart Technologies

Our analysts will take you through a series of structured questions to understand your needs and deliver the most suitable solutions. By combining human intelligence and accurate machine learning algorithms, we produce quality reports without the risks of false positives.

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Customer Service You Can Rely On

We will assign a dedicated account manager to your business to ensure you get fast and efficient service every time. Our onboarding process is tailored to your line of business and investigation needs, avoiding an inefficient one-size-fits-all approach.

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Private Investigators

Risk Management



Social Discovery Corp saves insurers and claims adjusters valuable time by handling the social media research and analysis work across diverse processes that include underwriting, fraud detection, and claims verification. We present social analytics in an easily consumable format, giving insurers comprehensive and accessible information delivered in varying scales that drive ROI.

              Private Investigators

Social Discovery Corp understands the costly, tedious, and time-consuming work of compiling accurate social media background reports. Our experts will save you hours of manual research by scanning through hundreds of online sources, including web, social, images, and video content. By leveraging our accurate and comprehensive intelligence analytics, you can navigate your social network research with thoroughness and improved confidence and invest your valuable time in other aspects of client management.


Social Discovery Corp has a trusted team of experts known for leveraging its unique Accurate Intelligence approach in social media background reporting and analytics. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to data in the complex world of social media. As such, our analysts combine the latest advances in machine learning with industry expertise to help you acquire accurate social media data that optimizes risk management, safeguarding your company against the loss of income and professional reputation.


Social Discovery Corp began offering specialized services in analytics and social media background reporting across the insurance and SIU industries. We gradually expanded our services to HR managers, legal consultants, third-party administrators, and many other professions, constantly developing custom solutions suited to each client’s unique objectives.


-PAUL T. | Tapia Investigative Services, Inc.

“I used the services of Social Discovery Corp for many of my investigations. I was not only impressed with the response and quickness of Social Discovery Corp, but I was equally amazed with the quality of work and information I received. I was able to locate information that either resolved my cases or gave me additional leads that I would have never located had it not been for the Social Discovery Corp report. Social Discovery Corp is a MUST for any comprehensive background report.”

- Betsy W. | Well Known Long Term Disability Insurance Carrier

“I made my team request a social media search before requesting a background search. background searches are quite expensive and should be done on some cases but every case should first start with the Social Discovery Corp social media search.”

- Kevin P. | Pinnacle Group Investigations

"I will definitely be using Social Discovery Corp the next time that I have a case with a social media element. I do not plan on renewing with our current vendor and have suggested your company to two of my investigative peers within the market!"

- Sarah M. | Merrills Investigations

“Social Discovery Corp has saved me so much time and money. I used to have to search for social media stuff by myself, along with juggling all the other daily functions in my office, and it just became too time consuming. Now that we have started using you folks, you find more information than I ever found on my own. I am more than satisfied with the quality of work and product and look forward to continuing our business relationship.”

- Cyndi B. | Elite Investigations, Inc.

“Social media has become such a huge factor on almost every case I work on as a private investigator. The research they conduct, which is offered at a very competitive price, used to take me hours to complete, so not only can I offer a better rate to our clients, but it frees me up to work on other things.”

- Wendy Ackerman | Data Check Systems

“I was using another vendor, but I did order reports from your company at no charge to my customers that were ordering these and they seemed happier with your product.”


“You are the only vendor we use for social media here at Sedgwick”

- Jenny | DSK Law

“We are very impressed and StateFarm is as well. You are essential to our business! We love your product!”

- Jason Gallant | Claims Bureau USA

“We love the product and communication, and this instance is just reinforcing our already strong partnership. Thank you!”

- Derrick Magnotta | Quality Counts

“Once I saw the results, I understood why it took longer than usual. I think this is the longest report you’ve ever completed for us.
Thanks again – you guys are a wonderful partner.”

- Paul T. | Brian Dumas, Attorney LLC

“I have been working with the Social Discovery team for the last 8 years and must say that the services provided have been extremely cost effective and efficient in providing me information on claims, parties and witnesses for a wide range of cases. They have been my first stop, many times before I file suit, in evaluating cases, and later preparing them for discovery or trial. I highly recommend Social Discovery Corp and their team”

- Mark Lang | Noss Investigations

“I always let people know when they do a good job. A recent updated report received today from Social Discovery Corp provided some information that, I believe, may turn a case in favor of my client. The information is excellent. Thanks to Danielle and your staff for the assistance.”

- Sara K. Robbins. Client Service Manager | PBSA

“As a small company, we thank Social Discovery Corp so much as you are always working to help us grow and growth is something we focus on daily.”

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Our team of experts offer social media reporting services to leading companies from various sectors, including five of the top 10 insurance companies in the US and the world's largest third-party administrator. Request an industry referral today to learn how we helped our clients achieve positive outcomes for their business. 


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Helping human resource professionals, hiring managers and recruiting firms screen candidates and employees by providing in-depth, FCRA compliant social media background reports on a custom basis.

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